How to Do You Hypnotize Someone?

The perennial question – ‘How to Hypnotize someone? How do I hypnotize someone – can I hypnotize anyone? ”

The answer is :easy and yes.

That is you can hypnotize anyone (ANYONE) who is willing to be hypnotized

And you will not hypnotize anyone who is not willing

(CAVEAT of course with advertising, and propaganda – because of the constant bombardment – no is asked if they want to be hypnotized – but they are nevertheless hypnotized)

When you see street hypnosis on YouTube or YouTube clips of Stage Hypnotists – what you don’t see is the set up ( or of course the people who do not go into hypnosis).

All Hypnosis follows the same rules:

The Pre-Talk : which can be as simple as ” Hey I’m doing Hypnosis  on the the street – would you be interested in participating? ”

In Stage Hypnosis its a lot of doing exercises with the audience to see who is the most susceptible and allowing – to find out of the audience of 200 or so, the 5 or 10 people who will ‘work’ on stage ( of course anyone paying money to see a stage hypnotist has already agreed that they have an interest in Hypnosis)

The Choice Talk: “All hypnosis is a choice – your choice – If I ask you to close your eyes and let them relax to the point where you no longer can open them – because you choose to let them go so loose and limp that they wont open. Of course if you CHOOSE to open them they will open – there is no wizardry here – but if you CHOOSE to just let go and follow my words – you can allow yourself to slip into this relaxed state of hypnosis”

Note Hypnosis is NOT about relaxing – its a by-product

The Contract: ‘Are you willing to go into Hypnosis now?”

Induction:  example ” Ok now just close your eyes and let them go loose limp and lazy and when you have allowed them to go so limp loose and lazy that you cannot open them – test them so you know. Great that’s good stop testing now”


Rapid or Instant Inductions